Hey there!

I'm Amel Hassan

I’m a front-end software engineer and UX designer based in Seattle, WA. I’m passionate about applying design and accessibility principles to technology to improve the lives of individuals. Creativity permeates into my everyday life; among other things, you can find me figure skating, candle making, and baking.

My career so far

Since graduating with a Computer Science degree from Tufts in May 2020, I've been working at Microsoft as a software engineer. I've developed a strong interest in UX design and use every moment I can to learn about UX design principles, participate in hackathons as a UX designer, and volunteer as a UX designer. As a frontend software engineer, I am constantly referencing Figma designs, collaborating with UX designers, learning about accessibility best practices, and I've developed a deep understanding of when and where to use components.

Front End
UX Design