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    Hi everybody and welcome to the amel designs web site. My name is Amel and amel designs is my company.

    Amel RyanAt amel designs our company ethos is simple - every lacquerware product we make has to be elegant, decorative, but above all, useful!

    With usability as our guiding principle, it's no surprise that we have developed a range of exquisite lacquerware that is never 'only' decorative. 

    Serving Tray: 

    Our range of trays are a great example of this principle. From large rectangular, ottoman designs to a round serving tray, we try and cater to every need.

    Decorative Bowls:
    Complementing our lacquerware trays, we have a range of bowls - as beautiful as they are versatile - from large salad bowls to small rice or soup bowls, we cover the complete range. 

    Bathroom Sets:
    Last, but by no means least, are our bathroom accessories. Everything from the simple elegance of products featuring eggshell decoration (we use burnt duck eggshells), to those decorated with the most glamorous metallic colours and patterns.

    Our product lines are always changing as we delete older lines and develop new ones, in response to our customers feedback - yes, we do listen and we love to hear what you think.

    We are always working on expanding our range of products, especially the bathroom accessories. We know how much you love those!

    We are very aware that many of our customers value the fact that each of our products is truly unique. As they are all (quite literally) 'made by hand', there are miniscule variations from piece to piece. It is these almost imperceptible variations that give them their unique, tactile qualities.

    We are very proud to say that all of our lacquerware is exclusively handmade by skilled craftsmen in Vietnam, using only the finest natural products.

    It's a time consuming process with each piece taking approximately 2 months to complete. Our products all receive a minimum of 15 coats of lacquer, thereby making them resilient as well as beautiful. This is especially important for the bathroom accessories that are often exposed to moisture and hot, steamy environments.

    They are suitable and safe for use in serving food and with proper care, are long lasting. People sometimes assume lacquerware is not very hardy. In fact it is as resilient as ceramics, if treated with appropriate care.

    Many of our pieces are beautiful enough to display as art, but they are all designed to perform useful functions in the home, restaurant, hotel, office and elsewhere.

    We hope you will share our love of this ancient art and our striking, contemporary designs.

    Round Tray and Small Bowls in Gold Metallic 
    Ideal Presents:
    We know you'll love our products in your own home, but how about buying them as gifts for friends and family? 

    The rich colours and elegant styles of our designs make them perfect gifts. Who's mom wouldn't be delighted to receive one of our gorgeous bathroom accessories?

    Next birthday or anniversary, wouldn't that special someone love to receive one of our exquisite creations? How about one of our round serving trays in a vivid metallic red, or a set of candle holders in various metallic finishes?

    World Wide Web:
    amel designs recently made the transition from a bricks and mortar store in Ho Chi Minh CIty, Vietnam, to this, our ecommerce site. 

    Thanks to the web, we are now able to offer our customers an even wider choice of designer lacquerware products than before, more products in more colours and patterns. Our inventory ranges from decorative bowls and trays to bathroom and dining sets and it's growing every day - come back often to browse our new products or check out our tried and tested favorites.

    Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter and we'll keep you informed as new and exciting designs are ready to debut. 

                      Large Bowl Set, Gold Metallic
    Designer Lacquerware:
    Lacquerware has long been admired for its beauty. In ancient China, where the manufacture of lacquerware began, the most skilled craftsmen were recruited by the Emperors. Their task was to manufacture lacquer pieces of astonishing complexity and beauty, to delight and astonish the Imperial court. 

    Over millennia, the skill of these craftsmen reached quite unimaginable levels. With their growing skill, the reputation of lacquerware as objects of immense beauty and desirability reached across the world. Eventually this reputation even spread as far as Europe and beyond.

    Sadly, in recent years the colour palettes and designs with which the pieces were decorated, as well as the products themselves, have become somewhat dated and repetitive.

    Of course there are many classic designs from the various countries that produce lacquerware - 

    Various Nations Lacquerware
    - that will stand the test of time, but contemporary design, what can best be described as designer lacquerware has been sadly lacking in recent years. 

    Designer lacquerware can be distinguished from its traditional cousins by the application of a more modern, refined, creative sensibility.  It is designer lacquerware that amel designs constantly strives to produce, develop and improve.

    As techniques, materials, designs and patterns develop and change in all areas of design, so it is with lacquerware. There will always be a place for the traditional (and many modern designs hark back to those time honored designs of yesteryear), but in an increasingly globalised world, we are seeing more and more fusions between western aesthetics and traditional asian techniques. 

    This fusion often results in creative outcomes and products that are original and eye-catching, whilst supporting the tradition of craftsmanship that makes them possible. 

    We are proud to be part of this growing design and production sector. A sector that brings this fusion of design and traditional techniques to a world market. A world market that is increasingly starved of handcrafted objects, as the cost of labor rises and the tradition of craftsmanship declines.

    We only create useful objects, such as bathroom accessories, bowls a serving tray etc. that will enhance any setting with their often rich, vivid colours and simple, elegant designs. We use traditional materials and techniques and we actively seek out further opportunities to innovate creatively. 

    By combining a contemporary aesthetic with traditional craft skills, amel designs has created a constantly evolving range of beautiful, elegant products, both practical and decorative and always useful.  

    Vietnamese Headquarters:
    Because we are based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where our products are manufactured, amel designs is well placed to ensure the highest levels of product quality control. We work closely with our suppliers to maintain the highest standards and to introduce innovative designs.

    We also keep our costs low thanks to reduced overheads and this allows us to sell high quality products at very reasonable prices. 

    Founded in 2005 by Aisyah Melanny (Managing Director) and her partner Kevin Ryan (Creative Director), amel designs strives to combine elegant, modern design with the beauty of traditional, handcrafted lacquerware. Creating lacquerware is a lengthy process - there simply are no shortcuts to produce high quality. Each piece is created by craftsmen, spending between 1 to 2 months to complete every item using traditional methods and materials, but following our contemporary designs.

    We never manufacture massive quantities - no more than 100 pieces of any designs, whether for our dining or bathroom collections - as we know our customers relish the 'limited edition' nature of our products. 

    We know our products are special and we hope you will feel the same way.